Heralds of Good News is a Clerical Missionary Society of Apostolic Life of Pontifical Right in the Catholic Church. It was founded by Rev. Dr. Jose Kaimlett on 14th October 1984, in the Diocese of Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, India. The specific aim of the Society is the training and supply of saintly, dedicated and hardworking missionaries wherever there is need, especially due to the shortage of local vocations. The Society has Mary Queen of Apostles and St. Joseph the Worker as the Patrons.

Rev. Dr. Jose Kaimlett was always conscious of the shortage of priestly vocations all over the world. He believed that a Clerical Missionary Society of Apostolic Life could help the Universal Church in its felt need of the time. The desire and plan to found such a Society was always in his mind and some serious effort was made in 1971 in this regard, as a priest of the diocese of Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India. However to quote him, in the divine plan probably the time was not as yet ripe.

In December 1976, when the Holy See made the decision to erect the diocese of Eluru with territories taken from the diocese of Vijayawada, Fr. Jose Kaimlett was appointed as the person in charge to oversee the bifurcation. After the erection of the new diocese, he continued to serve the diocese as the procurator, secretary and chancellor. In 1978 he left for Rome for higher studies in Canon Law and completed his Doctorate in a short span of 3 years. On his return he opened a new mission station and constructed a beautiful shrine in honor of the Blessed Mother, at Nirmalagiri, Andhra Pradesh. During the same period, he opened a house each for the Physically Handicapped Children at Thangellamudi, Andhra Pradesh and a Rehabilitation Centre for the Lepers at Nidadavole, Andhra Pradesh. He also returned to St. Ambrose School, Nidadavole, Andhra Pradesh for a brief period to serve as the Correspondent and Headmaster, a responsibility he had held earlier. All these responsibilities in the new diocese were instrumental in relegating the idea of the founding of the Society to the background.

He nursed the hope of establishing such a Society to be beneficial to the Universal Church. His journeys abroad brought him “face to face with the urgent need the local churches there had for priests”. During the years of his stay abroad, he realized with clarity the need to start a new Society. Come what might, with great determination, strong convictions, genuine commitments and great will power, he pursued his goal. With deep faith in God and Divine Providence, he ventured into the unknown, the uncertain. In 1984, “when the time was ripe in the Divine Plan” and his own “assignment in the diocese was more or less accomplished, Most Rev. John Mulagada, Bishop of Eluru, not only enthusiastically gave the permission to initiate the venture, but whole-heartedly supported and encouraged the idea”.

As a preliminary step, a meeting of likeminded priests, who were his friends and collaborators in the same diocese, was called by Fr. Jose Kaimlett at the parish house of Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh. From among the 5 priests who were present, besides the founder, Rev. Frs. Thomas Alanchery and Mathew Kallikatt expressed their willingness to join the new venture. After a series of meetings, a constitution was drafted and was submitted by Fr. Jose to the Bishop of Eluru for his approval.

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      Heralds of Good News is an indigenous Clerical Missionary Society of Apostolic Life of Pontifical Right. Whose principal seat is established in the Diocese of Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, India. Read More...

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